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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Beast Tyrant is a low-health Vermling character and locked class paired with a passive Bear summon.


"Vermlings share a unique kinship to the natural world due to their ability to communicate with a large variety of other animals. Those who are able to rise above their baser instincts find there is much to be gained in exerting their will over beasts of the wilds. These Beast Tyrants can amass incredible armies of fangs, claws, and talons to become formidable opponents in battle."

Mechanical Themes

The Beast Tyrant is a very unique class; it is known by the name "two-mini" due to its unique nature. Its character figure is the Tyrant, but it has a unique second figure which is its tamed Bear summon that starts the scenario adjacent to you. While the Tyrant acts normally by playing ability cards, your Bear automatically performs a "Move 3, Attack 2" action immediately before your turn, following standard summon rules. In addition to that, the Bear can by forced to act according to your orders by using "Command" actions on your ability cards. These effect grant the bear additional abilities performed under your control.

The Tyrant itself is a mixed bag of abilities that generally are there to support the Bear. It has crowd control to disable threats to the bear, heals to heal it (as the bear is likely to suffer a lot due to running into melee constantly), and other support abilities. He also has access to a plethora of other very unique summons, including a category of immobile summons that fill various unique roles. Backing all of this is the Beast Tyrant's Wind and Earth element use.

But one of the oddities of the Beast Tyrant is a completely different from normal build known as the "One-Mini" or "Bear" build. This build takes advantage of Concentrated Rage, one of the most incredibly powerful cards in the game. By giving up a top action of your turn, you can give the Bear a +3 to its attacks. This doesn't sound great at first, because you could get 3 additional damage from any "Attack 3" abilities, and the Beast Tyrant has many better things to do than play Attack 3s. But the trick of it is is that it doesn't buff just the Attack 2 the Bear performs on its turn, but all attacks the Bear performs. Thus, cards with bottom half attacks like Disappearing Wounds, Focused Aggression, Vicious Ally, Rampage, Blood Hunger, Storm Sigil, and Jaws of Death allow the Bear to perform "Attack 5" or better abilities two or more times in a single turn. This allows a mid-level bear build to almost always output 10 or more damage every single turn, becoming the highest power attacker in the entire game by an overwhelming margin. There are several downsides to this, however. Firstly, the Tyrant almost never ends up leaving the starting room, meaning all his healing, crowd control, and support is left behind. Secondly, the Bear's movement is AI controlled, so it will often target suboptimal enemies like Flame Demons and suffer as a result. Lastly, many players will just find this build not particularly interesting, despite its huge power; you give up all of your top half actions and only play a tiny selection of bottom half abilities. That can feel very underwhelming for such an otherwise unique class.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Disorienting Roar 17 Command, Muddle, Immobilize Teleport, Loss
Spirit Swap 22 Command, Move Teleport
Venomous Ally 79 Melee Summon, Poison, Loss Ranged Attack, Poison
Relentless Ally 81 Melee Summon, Loss Move
Concentrated Rage 51 Ranged Attack, Disarm Special, Persistent, Loss
Disappearing Wounds 23 Heal Command, Melee Attack
Patch Fur 20 Shield Command, Heal
Maul 14 Command, Melee Attack Move, Shield
Forceful Swipe 35 Command, Melee Area Attack Move, Push
Howling Bolts 47 Multi-target Ranged Attack Command, Move
X Soaring Ally 77 Melee Summon, Flying, Wind, Loss Command, Loot
Focused Aggression 31 Ranged Attack Command, Melee Attack, Earth, Loss
Borrowed Essence 56 Ranged Attack, Wind, Heal, Earth Special
2 Energizing Strike 29 Command, Melee Attack, Strengthen Heal
Earthen Spikes 11 Ranged Attack, Immobilize, Earth Shield, Retaliate, Loss
3 Vicious Ally 86 Melee Summon, Immobilize, Loss Command, Multi-target Melee Attack
Unstoppable Beast 32 Command, Melee Area Attack, Earth Move
4 Ancient Ward 19 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Disarm Heal
Punch Through 44 Command, Melee Attack, Pierce Move, Special
5 Rampage 34 Command, Melee Attacks, Moves, Loss Granted Movement, Granted Attack
Stone Sigil 95 Special Summon, Shield, Earth, Loss Command, Move
6 Primal Blessing 28 Heal Moves, Teleport
Blood Hunger 42 Heal, Persistent Track, Loss Command, Melee Attack, Heal
7 Storm Sigil 93 Melee Summon, Push, Wind, Loss Command, Melee Attack
Tyrannical Force 37 Ranged Attack, Stun, Earth Granted Movement
8 Lash Out 18 Command, Melee Area Attack Command, Move, Push
Natural Remedy 25 Heal, Wind Move, Strengthen
9 Jaws of Death 48 Command, Execute Command, Melee Attack, Push, Move
Tribal Sigil 91 Special Summon, Loss Special, Loss

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