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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Berserker is a high-health Inox character and locked class.


"The epitome of Inox strength and ferocity can be found in the Berserker - an Inox tribal warrior willing to go to any lengths to keep her people safe, including sacrificing her own life. This sense of self sacrifice seems to give the Berserker unnatural reserves of strength the closer she gets to defeat. Nothing is quite a fearsome as a Berserker on the very brink of death."

Mechanical Themes

The Berserker is a damage dealer with a splash of tanking. That said, her incredible power comes at a major cost: She burns herself out... with a somewhat literal type of burn. Her abilities mostly fit in to two categories: "Self-harm" and "Low-health matters". The former are abilities where you pay health in order to gain benefits (typically offensive ones). The latter care about how low your HP is, given benefits from lower HP. On top of those, she severely lacks slow initiatives, with only 3 that are slower than 70, so she consistently draws aggro. Combined, this means the Berserker plays somewhat riskily, operating at low HP more often than not.

However, to make up for her self harm, she has consistent access to strong self healing. On top of that, she has some of the strongest crowd control effects in the game, almost comparable to the Mindthief. Those, along with high health, mean that a skilled Berserker rarely is in mortal danger despite operating at what would normally be incredibly dangerous for other classes.

As an auxiliary theme, the Berserker uses fire to back up her various abilities, though fire use isn't quite as necessary to the class as Earth is to the Cragheart, for example.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Resolute Stand 09 Melee Attack, Loss Move, Retaliate
Growing Rage 85 Melee Attack Move, Melee Attack
Strength in Agony 37 Melee Attack Move
Defiance of Death 31 Melee Attack Special, Persistent Track, Loss
From the Brink 24 Heal, Loss Move, Push
Blood Pact 76 Melee Attack Special, Persistent, Loss
Cauterize 40 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Wound, Fire Special, Persistent Track, Loss
Dazing Wound 29 Melee Attack, Stun Move
Furious Aid 43 Loot, Loss Heal
Bounce Back 14 Retaliate Move, Heal
X Unbridled Power 67 Melee Attack, Stun, Fire Heal, Special, Persistent, Loss
Glass Hammer 11 Melee Attack, Loss Move
Numb the Pain 35 Melee Attack, Shield Move, Stun
2 Reckless Offensive 21 Multi-target Melee Attack Special, Retaliate, Persistent, Loss
Break the Chains 53 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Pull Move, Fire
3 Spiked Armor 16 Special Move, Melee Area Attack
Fatal Fury 34 Execute, Fire Melee Attack, Move
4 Flurry of Axes 27 Ranged Area Attack, Loss Move
Shiny Distraction 08 Loot, Shield Special, Fire
5 Seeing Red 22 Melee Attack, Shield Special, Persistent, Loss
Final Fight 89 Execute, Special Move, Fire, Melee Attack
6 Devil Horns 31 Melee Area Attack, Wound, Fire Melee Attack
Unstoppable Destruction 57 Melee Area Attack Special
7 Burning Hatred 40 Melee Area Attack, Fire Move, Wound
Careless Charge 20 Move, Melee Attack, Push, Immobilize Special, Persistent, Loss
8 Bone Breaker 41 Melee Attack, Wound, Immobilize, Fire Ranged Attack, Special
Vengeful Barrage 38 Melee Attack, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Fire, Special
9 Immortality 33 Special, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Shield, Retaliate
The Maw of Madness 10 Melee Area Attack, Muddle, Heal Ranged Attack, Immobilize

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