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The Brute is a high-health Inox character class and member of the Starting 6.


"There is a class of Inox, however, who have abandoned their nomadic ways to embrace life in human cities, employing their great size and strength to earn a more comfortable living. Disparagingly called "Brutes" by those who employ them, the Inox perform many tasks of menial labor, from construction to loading and unloading ships. Less unsavory types have also been known to hire Brutes as extra muscle. Ideology matters little to the Brute when given a chance to show his strength and get paid to do it."

Mechanical Themes

The Brute is mainly focused on melee attacks and mitigating damage through Shield abilities. He has a major mechanical theme based on "movement-matters". Minor themes include wind element use.

A major transformational card is Immovable Phalanx, which allows higher level Brutes to turn all of their movement actions into attacks, drastically transforming what the Brute is capable of.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Trample 72 Melee Attack, Pierce Move, Jump, Special Area Attack, Loss
Eye For An Eye 18 Retaliate Heal, Earth
Sweeping Blow 64 Melee Area Attack Move, Push
Provoking Roar 10 Melee Attack, Disarm Special
Overwhelming Assault 61 Melee Attack, Loss Move, Push
Grab and Go 87 Loot Move
Warding Strength 32 Melee Attack, Push Shield, Persistent Track, Loss
Shield Bash 15 Melee Attack, Stun, Loss Shield
Leaping Cleave 54 Melee Area Attack Move, Jump, Wind
Spare Dagger 27 Ranged Attack Melee Attack
X Skewer 35 Melee Area Attack, Pierce, Wind Move, Loss
Balanced Measure 77 Melee Attack, Special Move, Special
Wall of Doom 20 Shield, Retaliate, Loss Special
2 Fatal Advance 40 Execute, Loss Move
Juggernaut 34 Move, Melee Attack Special, Loss
3 Hook and Chain 42 Ranged Attack, Pull Move, Melee Attack, Special
Brute Force 51 Melee Area Attack, Muddle Move, Shield
4 Unstoppable Charge 86 Melee Attack Move, Stun, Loss
Devastating Hack 27 Melee Attack, Loss Loot
5 Whirlwind 28 Melee Area Attack, Loss Move, Push
Skirmishing Maneuver 29 Melee Attack, Move Ranged Attack
6 Quietus 57 Execute Move, Special
Immovable Phalanx 17 Attack, Shield Special, Loss
7 Defensive Tactics 26 Multi-target Attack, Immobilize Retaliate, Shield, Persistent, Loss
Crippling Offensive 33 Melee Attack, Wound, Stun, Loss Move, Immobilize, Push
8 Frenzied Onslaught 41 Move, Melee Attack Special
Selfish Retribution 12 Move, Loot, Loss Move, Retaliate
9 King of the Hill 39 Melee Area Attack, Push, Loss Heal
Face Your End 67 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Pull Execute, Loss

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