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Classes are the archetypes representing the heroes you control during the game of Gloomhaven. Rather than representing an individual person, classes are more akin to "jobs" or "archetypes", so multiple of each class may exist in the world of Gloomhaven.


At the start of the game, only that games' (and its expansions') Starting Classes are unlocked; other classes must be unlocked by completing Personal Quests or accomplishing other objectives that unlock them.

Classes each have unique hand sizes, health, perks, and cards. Unlocking locked classes unlocks events listed on their character mat. Retiring any character unlocks events, also listed on the character mat. As a class levels, you must select one of the two level up cards of the newly gained level, or pick an unselected card from a prior level. When choosing cards, players may pick the newly gained card as one of the cards that compose their hand for that scenario; hand size remains the same.

In scenarios, classes are represented by figures, which are what the move and attack with, and what the enemies attack in order to deal you damage.

Starting Classes

In Gloomhaven:

Class Name Class Description
Inox Brute A very simple tanky class who has a minor specialization in movement.
Human Scoundrel A high damage melee attacker who specializes in moving in and out of melee while gaining benefits from adjacent allies.
Orchid Spellweaver A somewhat complex ranged area attacker with a unique stamina system that allows her to play losses more freely.
Quatryl Tinkerer A healing-based support who can play losses to make up for his shortcomings in terms of damage.
Vermling Mindthief A fairly complex melee attacker with a unique augment system who can use crowd control abilities to disable enemies.
Savvas Cragheart A jack of all trades with a focus on area damage and obstacle use.

In Forgotten Circles:

Class Name Class Description
Aesther Diviner A complex support class who uses rifts to control large numbers of enemies

In Jaws of the Lion:

Class Name Class Description
Valrath Red Guard A light- and fire-base tank class who can use a specific card to let their shield cards output damage.
Inox Hatchet A ranged attacker who uses their favorite hatchet to do massive damage, but must retrieve it thereafter.
Quatryl Demolitionist A melee attacker who destroys obstacles for various attacks.
Human Voidwarden An element-based control mage who can force enemies to act or grant their allies actions or other benefits.

In Frosthaven:

Class Name Class Description
Quatryl Blink Blade A complex character who uses a system of tokens to move different speeds and use crowd control and deal damage on some rounds while be less effective on others.
Human Banner Spear A tanky damage dealer who works with allies in special formation area attacks that require allies in order to work.
Valrath Deathwalker A damage dealer who uses placed shadow tokens resulting from enemy deaths to do strong damage and movement effects.
Aesther Boneshaper A summon-based character with non-loss summons that cost HP.
Inox Drifter A jack of all trades who manipulates persistent multi-use tracks on their loss cards to empower various abilities.
Harrower Geminate An area attacker with two forms, each with their own separate hands; one melee-focused and one ranged-focus, who swap between them by playing specific effects

Locked Classes

In Gloomhaven:

Spoiler Safe Name Personal Quests:
Sun 515, 520
Three Spears/Three Arrows 511, 512
Circles/Ubisoft 518, 530
Eclipse/Moon 522, 529
Cthulhu/Mindflayer 510, 533
Lightning Bolts 516, 527
Music Note 519, 532
Angry Face/Spiky Face/Totem Face 521, 528
Saw 514, 525
Triforce/Triangles 523, 531
Two-Mini/Phoenix/Flaming Cow 517, 524