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Gloomhaven Campaign

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Gloomhaven Campaign Gloomhaven Box Scenarios 1-95 with 17 classes coming in the original 25-lbs box.

Official Expansions

Expansions are additional scenarios, classes, items or material added to an existing campaign.

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Solo Scenarios Expansion Solo Scenarios First Expansion, allows each of the 17 original classes a solo adventure for a special item.
Forgotten Circles Expansion Forgotten Circles Second Expansion, introducing the new Diviner class.

Community-Driven Material

Community-Driven Material is developed by Cephalofair, but involves the geeks and fans in the creative process. These are often developed

Wiki Icon Campaign Description
Into the Unknown Community-Driven Material Into the Unknown Also known as the Kickstarter Campaign, the characters sails into uncharted territories.
Capital Intrigue Community-Driven Material Capital Intrigue Second CDD where the characters find mysteries in White Oak, the Capital City.
The Infinite Beyond Community-Driven Material The Infinite Beyond
The Blacksmith and the Bear Community-Driven Material The Blacksmith and the Bear


Only include Fan-Made that has been approved by cephalofair.Jaws of the Lion

Wiki Icon Campaign Description
Jaws of the Lion Campaign Jaws of the Lion 20-scenario Standalone simplified version using the Gloomhaven system.


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Frosthaven Campaign Frosthaven Second campaign currently announced. Details to come.

Other Bonus or Promotional Material

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Bonus or Promo Game Content The End of the World Special promotional scenario made for the profit of a non-profit organization, No Pun Intended, the scenario allows a mystery lapse after failing a campaign scenario.