Decaying Crypt is one of the early main campaign scenarios with the Cult of Gloom or Jekserah storylines.

Flavor text (Introduction)

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"What is life without a little bit of intrigue? The cultists have clearly marked this crypt as a spot of trouble for them. Perhaps clearing the place out will put you in their good graces. Or maybe you’re just hoping to find a big stash of treasure, untouched by looters’ hands.

Once you arrive, the smell makes you regret your decision more than anything else. It’s not the fact that you’ve had it about up to here with exploring old decrepit ruins. It’s not the undead horrors shambling and moaning in the shadows. It’s the smell. The smell of death and soullessness and rotting flesh.

Gameplay Details


Reveal a certain room and then kill all revealed enemies.

Monsters met

Personal Quest progression

This quest can be used for the following personal quests :