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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Doomstalker is a high-health Orchid character and locked class.


"Though most orchids live a life of meditation, there is a sect who believes that enlightenment should be achieved through hard work and not getting lost in thought for years on end. Because of its beliefs, the sect fled Orchid society across the Misty Sea to build farms and raise livestock in the wilds around Gloomhaven. The wilds are still dangerous, however, and the Orchid class of Doomstalkers is tasked with keeping these modest settlements safe. The calm mind of the Orchid makes the Doomstalker and excellent bow hunter. He never misses a shot."

Mechanical Themes

The Doomstalker is a bit of an oddity as far as mechanics go. His primary role is that of a single-target attacker, supported by his primary mechanic of "Dooms"; persistent effects that target a single enemy and debuff them or buff attacks targeting them, and he can only have one active Doom at a time. What makes the class an oddity is primarily the nature of cards with Dooms on them. Every Doom is a bottom half action, and the top half of every card with a bottom Doom action is a loss action. This means the Doomstalker has a plethora of top half loss actions which are generally pretty weak, as fitting for its 12 card stamina. Contrarily, he has no bottom half losses across the entire class!

But oddly enough, the Dooms themselves aren't as weak as you'd expect. In fact, the Doomstalker, as a 12 card class, has damage output rivaling Scoundrel, but at 4 times the range, without playing a single loss. But it gets ever weirder. The Doomstalker has the most bizarre assortment of level 1 cards, with 10 loss-doom pairings but only 3 non-loss attacks. Given most Dooms trigger on attacking the target or killing them, that means you are forced to take a minimum of 7 loss-doom pairing cards, but can only really use 3 non-loss attacks, often meaning low level Doomstalkers will just play early losses or rest early because they have nothing else to do with their turn. On top of that, having to take 7 loss tops means you have to play a basic attack or loss, even if you play all 7 dooms (and thus don't move). At high levels, this becomes less necessary, as the Doomstalker gains access to more attacks to replace the excess of Dooms, which starts to make the Doomstalker bizarrely disconnected from his stamina as his non-losses start to rival some of his losses.

Even his secondary abilities have a bizarre disconnect with his primary role. He is a summoner and trapper, but only capable of summoning or placing traps in adjacent hexes, and all his summons are melee only. But the Doomstalker operates at Range 4-5, with very little movement, almost always being the furthest back character in the game. Thus, the summons typically take 1-2 turns to get up to the fight and his traps almost always go unused. Thus you rarely see either build getting major use outside of a party with extreme summon synergy or absolutely no ability to take hits. Even in the latter it is often preferable to just lose cards to prevent damage rather than waste top half actions summoning melee summons which will die in a few short turns regardless.

Despite all that, the Doomstalker plays fine; his core gameplay loop of "Doom then hit; repeat every round if possible" is fun and interesting, and the abundant losses don't cause problems outside of very low levels. The average Doomstalker will probably not even notice all the above disconnects other than just a general feeling of "there are a lot of cards I don't feel like playing".


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Rain of Arrows 33 Attack, Persistent Track, Loss Doom, Special
Crippling Noose 57 Trap, Stun, Loss Doom, Special
Felling Swoop 75 Summon, Flying, Loss Doom, Teleport
Vital Charge 78 Summon, Loss Doom, Heal
Race to the Grave 09 Ranged Attack, Loss Doom, Special
Multi-pronged Assault 14 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Loss Doom, Special
Detonation 54 Trap, Loss Doom, Special
Frightening Curse 37 Special, Persistent Track, Loss Doom, Forced Movement
Foot Snare 61 Trap, Immobilize Immobilize, Move
Solid Bow 31 Ranged Attack Move
A Moment's Peace 88 Loot Move, Heal
Swift Trickery 11 Ranged Attack Move
X Sap Life 14 Retaliate, Loss Doom, Heal
The Hunt Begins 71 Summon, Retaliate, Wound, Loss Doom, Special
Fresh Kill 65 Ranged Attack Move, Jump
2 Expose 13 Special, Persistent, Loss Doom, Pierce
Relentless Offensive 52 Multi-target Ranged Attack Special
3 Darkened Skies 25 Ranged Area Attack, Loss Doom, Multi-target Area Attack
Press the Attack 10 Ranged Attack Retaliate
4 Singular Focus 28 Loot, Loss Doom, Special
Flight of Flame 53 Trap, Wound Move, Jump
5 Inescapable Fate 97 Special, Persistent, Loss Doom, Execute
Wild Command 46 Granted Move, Granted Attack Move, Special Attack
6 Nature's Hunger 82 Summon, Stun, Loss Doom, Heal
Camouflage 23 Ranged Attack, Invisible Move, Invisible
7 Impending End 47 Ranged Attack, Execute Special
Crashing Wave 22 Move, Melee Area Attack, Loss Doom, Curse
8 Rising Momentum 12 Ranged Attack, Push, Loss Doom, Special
Feral Instincts 35 Move, Melee Attack, Loot Move, Heal
9 Predator and Prey 86 Summon, Poison, Loss Doom, Special
Lead to Slaughter 40 Ranged Attack, Forced Movement Move, Special

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