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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Elementalist is a high-health Savvas character and locked class.


"Particularly skilled Savvas may even gain mastery of more than one element and display up to four separate power cores in their chest. Such Elementalists are respected above all others, and many of them hold the highest positions in Savvas society. Still other Elementalists, however, feel that their own society has nothing left to teach them, and they leave to travel the world, constantly in search of some grander purpose."

Mechanical Themes

The Elementalist, as you'd expect, is largely focused on elements. Their main method of using them is in large area attacks. They have several losses that give him access to multiple elements as well, allowing them to set up future turns. In general, the turn-to-turn playstyle of the Elementalist is that of a combo character; on each turn you not only set up the next turn's elements but payoff the prior turn's elements.

At low levels, a typical strategy is to lean into the several "hard crowd control" options (stun, disarm) to disable lots of enemies while using the Move 2 Element cards to get the elements for the next turn. At mid levels, you get access to more element production, which results in an odd backwards learning curve in which the class requires significant precision at lower levels and far less at middle ones. This culminates at level 7 with the advent of Vengeance, one of the most powerful cards in the game. At that point, at least 1 turn every deck cycle will be just spamming that card, meaning combos are far less relevant.

In general, the Elementalist is one of the most difficult to play classes in the game, and it can feel very annoying to deal with until you get to higher levels unless you have access to items that give you elements.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Raw Enhancements 48 Ranged Attack, Fire, Wind Move, Ice, Earth
Pure Augmentation 48 Ranged Attack, Ice, Earth Move, Fire, Wind
Formless Power 45 Ranged Attack, Any Element Special, Persistent, Loss
Shaping the Ether 54 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Fire, Wind, Push, Ice, Stun, Earth Any Element, Special, Persistent, Loss
Stoking Hail 28 Ranged Attack, Ice, Stun Move, Fire
Tremulant Cyclone 26 Ranged Area Attack, Wind, Push Move, Earth
Infernal Vertex 17 Ranged Area Attack, Fire, Wind, Loss Move, Ice
Lava Eruption 19 Ranged Area Attack, Fire, Earth Move, Wind
Ice Spikes 40 Ranged Area Attack, Fire, Wound Ranged Attack, Immobilize, Ice, Earth
Frigid Torrent 35 Multi-target Melee Attack, Earth, Pierce Ranged Area Attack, Pull, Ice, Wind, Loss
X Malleable Evocation 50 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Fire, Wound, Wind, Ice, Immobilize, Earth, Poison Move, Fire, Wind, Jump, Ice, Heal, Earth, Shield
Brilliant Flash 67 Heal, Light Loot
Encompassing Shadow 23 Invisible, Dark Move, Special
2 Boiling Arc 47 Melee Area Attack, Fire Move, Fire, Retaliate
Crystallizing Blast 67 Ranged Area Attack, Ice Move, Ice, Shield
3 Burial 65 Ranged Area Attack, Earth, Immobilize, Dark, Curse Ranged Attack, Dark
Chain Lightning 41 Ranged Area Attack, Light, Pierce, Wind Heal, Light
4 Primal Duality 15 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Ice, Fire, Loss Move, Light, Dark
Gravel Vortex 62 Melee Area Attack, Earth, Wind Loot, Any Element
5 Obsidian Shards 36 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Fire, Earth Shield, Ice, Dark
Winter's Edge 43 Ranged Attack, Ice, Wind, Pierce Heal, Fire, Light
6 Eye of the Hurricane 29 Heal, Ranged Area Attack, Ice, Wind, Loss Move, Fire, Wind, Jump
Simulacrum 94 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Any Element, Immobilize, Muddle Special Summon, Earth, Loss
7 Vengeance 33 Ranged Area Attack, Dark, Any Element, Execute Move, Retaliate, Light, Any Element
Pragmatic Reinforcement 56 Heal, Ice, Shield, Earth, Light, Special Ranged Attack, Fire, Poison, Wound, Wind, Dark
8 Volatile Consumption 64 Heal, Persistent, Loss Move, Jump, Fire, Any Element, Wound, Ice, Immobilize
Elemental Aegis 14 Shield, Any Element Heal, Light
9 Ethereal Manifestation 98 Ranged Summon, Any Element, Loss Fire, Ranged Attack, Wind, Move, Ice, Loot, Earth, Heal
Eternal Equilibrium 27 Ranged Area Attack, Dark, Curse, Light, Muddle Heal, Fire, Retaliate, Ice, Shield

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