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Encounters happen sometimes when traveling between locations in the Gloomhaven video game. They portray the Road events aspect of the board games even will offer bonuses and penalties to the upcoming scenario.

Encounter List

Each encounter has a name and a theme. The actual list of events are (June 2020) :

  • Abandoned Cart
  • A Dagger in the Chest
  • A Discarded Flask
  • Ambush Aftermath
  • A Shortcut
  • Broken Cart
  • Bucket of Luck
  • Duel
  • Rope Bridge
  • Shadows on the Wall
  • Strung Up
  • The Fun Guy
  • The Long Dead
  • The Old Well
  • The Shrine
  • The Storm (Element Infusion, XP, Items)
  • The Woman of the Woods (Xp, Gold, Item)
  • Toll Road (Gold, Damage, Wound, Items)

Actions to be taken on this page

  • List rewards
  • Full table eventually
  • Links to Individual Encounter pages.