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This scenario is associated with Gloomhaven Square B. Basically, the same setting will be offered to you, and depending on the side you will take in the conflict, you will do one or the other. See Gloomhaven Square (Quests for details.

Flavor text (Introduction)

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Jekserah’s plan is troubling, but it is certainly sound in some dark, twisted sense. You’ve seen the guards on the wall. They can barely fight back the Vermlings, and their taxation is strangling the town and your own pocket. With an army of undead, the merchants can govern the city into an age of prosperity and keep it safe from the forces outside the walls.
br>“So are you ready to take the fate of this city into your own hands, mercenaries?”

You nod in assent. “My army is ready. We march for the Ghost Fortress!” A commotion in the foyer startles you away from Jekserah’s rally. Rushing into the room, you see a troop of soldiers standing over the bodies of Jekserah’s Inox guards.

“This ends now!” Argeise points a crossbow at you. “I tried to warn you. Do you have any idea what you are unleashing on the city?”

“It’s too late,” Jekserah spits from behind you, “They can’t stop us! My army has already dispersed into the city. It will only grow with every guard who falls.”

Jekserah turns to you. “Head to the Ghost Fortress. If the Captain of the Guard falls, any resistance to our new order will fall soon after.
— Scenario book

Gameplay Details


Kill the scenario boss(es).

Monsters met

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Captain of the Guard


Other standees needed

Personal Quest progression

This quest can be used for the following personal quests :