This scenario is associated with Gloomhaven Square A. Basically, the same setting will be offered to you, and depending on the side you will take in the conflict, you will do one or the other. See Gloomhaven Square (Quests for details.

Flavor text (Introduction)

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"As Jekserah outlines her plan, you find yourself slowly backing out of the room. Protecting this city with an army of undead is madness. You cannot give over all the power to an unscrupulous necromancer.

In mid-sentence (sic), Jekserah looks up at you and stops. “What is the matter?” She frowns. “Are you losing your nerve here at the end? You’ve already killed so many in my service. What is just a few more?”

You quickly turn and run for the door. Her army is too massive to take on without help.

“Foolish mercenaries,” she laughs behind you. “I thought you’d want to join me in this new venture, but if you’d rather die like the rest of the military scum, that can be arranged!”

You race through Gloomhaven Square to the Ghost Fortress. Guards stop you at the gate and you hurriedly explain the threat looming behind you. Frantically you push past them,
looking for the Captain of the Guard.

“This is truly troubling,” the Captain says after you quickly outline Jekserah’s plan. “We must move against this necromancer immediately!” The sound of steel on steel reverberates through the room, followed by the yells and screams of the guard outside.

“They are upon us!” The doors burst open and the decaying shapes of the living dead stream into the room. “To arms! Fight them back!”"

Gameplay Details


Kill the scenario boss(es).

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Personal Quest progression

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