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"Harrowers" are the common name given to one of the races of Gloomhaven.[1]

Original Flavor Text

“Harrower” is only the name given to this race in the common tongue, as the name in their own language of chitters and hisses cannot be translated. A single Harrower, as typically seen by other races, is actually a swarm of thousands of insects that have formed themselves into a roughly humanoid shape. These insects merge their intelligence to form a hive mind capable of highly intelligent thought. In a congregation, the insects can form sounds that roughly mirror human speech to converse with other sentient races, though among their own kind, Harrowers are more likely to converse by simply merging their forms and exchanging a fraction of their mass and the experiences it possesses.

Though not necessarily evil, Harrowers do have a poor reputation in polite society due to their nightmarish nature and unique nihilistic perspective. Their lives are at once very fleeting, due to an individual insect’s short lifespan, and eternal, due to the swarm’s persistent ever-breeding nature.

Physiognomy and Appearance

A "harrower" in itself is a small sentient bug which lives in a cluster. ThIs cluster of bugs, often referred to as a "harrower" by other races, will form themselves in an appearance of the species they interact with, in an attempt to be less disconcerting and frightening.

Origins and Society

Nothing is known to the Harrowers, except that they are very very rare. They are not an evil species per se, but due to their very short lifespan and their nihilistic nature, they act in a very forward, almost reckless way which, combined with their alien misunderstood nature, give them a reputation of being as such.

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