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Humans are one of the races of Gloomhaven.[1]

Original Flavor Text

Humans are by far the most dominant of the races, spreading across the world like a plague, erecting bloated cities and disturbing slumbering forces they can never hope to understand.

The human society is one of rules and regulations, but also one of great diversity. Due to their intense curiosity and relentless spirit, humans can find themselves walking almost any path imaginable – from the obscenely wealthy noble to the scoundrel living in the shadows; from the medic dedicated to the healing arts to the corrupted pursuant of dark magic.

Though human kingdoms will rise and fall throughout the ages, very few things could threaten their continued presence in the world.[1]

Physiognomy and Appearance

Humans physiognomy and appearance in the Gloomhaven world is not different than the ones we know from normal fantasy/our lives.

Origins and Society

While humans are the dominating race right now, this has not always been the case. Actually, their origin is a bit unknown in the world of Gloomhaven, as they come "from an unknown world"[2]. Upon the first times humans were seen, they lived in caves.

Then, one day, they just emerged and their society started growing at an incredibly fast pace. For a long time, all the other races hated them[3], as humans mostly did not care on whose territory they were stepping to establish themselves. While they made peace with most races, they are still enemies with Vermlings and some Inox.

The strength of human society resides in the versatility given by their body and the specialty they will develop with it (i.e. they can do everything).