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Inox are one of the races of Gloomhaven. It is noted that the word Inox stands for both the singular and plural version of the word. The name is pronounced EYE-nox.


"The Inox are a primitive and barbaric race, preferring to live in small nomadic tribes scattered across the wild meager. There they subsist through hunting and gather, scraping together a meager existence while fighting off the more dangerous creatures of the wilds. What they lack in intelligence and sophistication, they make up for with their superior strength and size, always eager to prove themselves in a challenge. And one should certainly take care in challenging an Inox. Their society does not pay much heed to ethics or morality. For the Inox, it is all about survival – kill or be killed"


Physiognomy and Appearance

Inox are tall, muscular and furry, though the male Inox is a bit smaller than the Female. Their evolution has mainly been based on their lifestyle in harsh cold conditions, explaining the muscular build and the fur. Inox notably all have three curved horns coming out of the tops of their heads.

Society and Origins

Along with the Vermlings, Inox are one of both societies that are native to the land of Gloomhaven. They originally came from the north of the continent, and are close relatives of the Algox still found there.

The Inox are matriarchal and live in tribes. They usually are not fond of Humans, mainly because they took over their land and because many Humans treat Inox as stupid creatures, only good for their muscles. This is why they mainly frown upon any member of their race joining Human society. They are generally not as prejudiced and violent towards Humans as Vermlings typically are, however.

This is partly justified, as most Inox who will indeed join society will only have jobs of brute force, like dock work, etc. The Inox are, however, more intelligent than people might believe at first glance.

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