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Into the Unknown, also known as the" Kickstarter Campaign" is the first community-driven material done by Cephalofair Games.

Community-driven materiel is special in the way that Isaac Childres questions the community for the development of the scenario.

For this wiki, the icon for Into the Unknown material is Into the Unknown Community-Driven Material.

Play instructions

Welcome to the community-driven mini-campaign for the Gloomhaven reprint Kickstarter! Over the course of a month, these pages will grow to contain 10 all-new scenarios where the community dictates the story. Sound exciting? Here’s how you play:

This mini campaign is completely separate from the campaign that comes in the Gloomhaven box. Right off the bat, this means you can’t do anything related to that campaign while playing this campaign. This includes road and city events, donating to the temple, or unlocking pretty much anything. You cannot make progress toward personal quests while undertaking these adventures. In fact, it is highly recommended that you create brand-new level 1 characters to experience this campaign. They can be any of the starting six classes, or any other advanced class you have already unlocked. But they should be level 1 — fresh, aimless mercenaries.

It is also recommended that you only use items 001-014 when you start the campaign. Every three scenarios played, the next level of prosperity items will become available for purchase (so items 015-021 when scenario 3 is finished, items 022-028 when scenario 6 is finished, and finally items 029-035 when scenario 9 is finished).

Your level 1 characters will progress normally as you play through the scenarios, gaining experience, collecting

loot, and gaining checkmarks from battle goals. They may not necessarily be interacting with the town in between

scenarios, but they are always allowed to level up in between if they have enough experience. Have fun!


  1. Just Another Night

New material