Items are pieces of gear that can be equipped or owned by characters.

Rule Sumary


Item designs


List of Gears


Basic items


# Item name Icon Description
001 Boots of Striding Legs Ref. Add +2 move to a single movement action.
002 Winged Shoes Legs Ref Add jump to a move action.
003 Hide Armor Chest Ref Next 2 sources of damage from attacks, Shield 1.

Neg : 2 x (-1) action modifier.

004 Leather Armor Chest Ref When attacked, attacker gets Disadvantage.
005 Cloak of Invisibility Chest Con Gain Invisible for the turn.
006 Eagle-Eye Goggles Head Ref Gain Advantage on an attack action.
007 Iron Helm Head Perm When attacked (x2) are considered (+0).
008 Heater Shield 1-H Ref When damaged, gain Shield 1.
009 Piercing Bow 2-H Cons Ignore all shields on a ranged attack.
010 War Hammer 2-H Cons
011 Poison Dagger 1-H Ref
015 Boots of Speed Legs Ref
016 Cloak of Pockets Chest Perm
017 Empowering Talisman Head Cons
018 Battle-Axe 1-H Cons
019 Weighed Net 2-H Re
021 Stun Powder Small Cons
022 Heavy Greeves Legs Perm
023 Chainmail Chest Ref
024 Amulet of Life Head Ref
025 Jagged Sword 1-H Ref
026 Long Sword 2-H Ref
028 Moon Hearing Head Cons
029 Comfortable Shoes Legs Perm
030 Studded Leather Chest Ref
031 Hawk Helm Head Ref
032 Tower Shield 1-H Ref
033 Volatile Bomb 1-H Cons
035 Falcon Figurine Small Cons
036 Boots of Dashing Legs Ref
037 Robes of Evocation Chest Ref
038 Heavy Basinet Head Perm
039 Hooked Chain 2-H Ref
040 Versatile Dagger 1-H Permss
042 Ring of Haste Small Cons
043 Boots of Quickness Legs Ref
044 Splintmail Chest Ref
045 Pendant of Dark Paces Head Cons
046 Spiked Shield 1-H Ref
047 Reaping Scythe 2-H Cons
049 Sun Earring Small Cons
050 Steel Sabatons Legs Perm
051 Shadow Armor ChestCons
052 Protective Charm Helm Perm
053 Black Knife 1-H Ref
054 Staff of Eminence 2-H Ref
056 Ring of Brutality Small Cons
057 Serene Sandals Legs Perm
058 Cloak of Phasing Chest Perm
059 Telescopic Lens Head Ref
060 Unstable Explosives 1-h Cons
061 Wall Shield 1-H Ref
062 Doom Powder Small Cons
063 Lucky Eye Small Cons
064 Boots of Sprinting Legs Ref
065 Platemail Chest Ref
066 Mask of Terror Head Perm
067 Balanced Blade 1-H Perm
068 Halberd 2-H Perm
069 Star Earring Small Cons
070 Second Chance Ring Small Cons

Random item and designs


# Item name Icon Description
071 Boots of Levitation Legs Perm Gain Flying.
072 Shoes of Happiness Legs Perm
073 Blinking Cape Chest Cons
074 Swordedge Armor Chest Ref
075 Circle of Elements Head Ref
076 Chain Hood Head Perm
077 Frigid Blade 1-H Perm
078 Storm Blade 1-H Perm
079 Inferno Blade 1-H Perm
080 Tremor Blade 1-H Perm
081 Brilliant Blade 1-H Perm
082 Night Blade 1-H Perm
083 Wand of Frost 1-H Ref
084 Wand of Storms 1-H Ref
085 Wand of Infernos 1-H Ref
086 Wand of Tremors 1-H Ref
087 Wand of Brilliance 1-H Ref
088 Wand of Darkness 1-H Ref
091 Steel Ring Small Cons
092 Dampening Ring Small Cons
093 Scroll of Power Small Cons
094 Scroll of Healing Small Cons
095 Scroll of Stamina Small Cons


All potions are small items,

Potion Type Item number Potion type Description
Healing 012 Minor Heal 3 Self.
027 Major
055 Super
Stamina 013 Minor Refresh 2 cards.
034 Major When attacked (x2) are considered (+0).
1-H When damaged, gain Shield 1.
2-H Ignore all shields on a ranged attack.
Power 014 Minor
041 Major
Mana 020 Minor
048 Major
Cure 089 Minor
090 Major

Unlockable Items


# Item name Icon Description
096 Rocket Boots Legs Ref
097 Endurance Footwraps Legs Perm
098 Drakescale Boots Legs Perm
099 Magma Waders Legs Perm
100 Robes of Summoning Chest Ref
101 Second Skin Chest Perm
102 Sacrificial Robes Chest Ref
103 Drakescale Armor Chest Perm
104 Steam Armor Chest Cons
105 Flea-Bitten Shawl Chest Perm
106 Necklace of Teeth Head Perm
107 Horned Helm Head Perm
108 Drakescale Helm Helm Perm
109 Thief's Hood Head Cons
110 Helm of the Mountain Head Perm
111 Wave Crest Head Perm
112 Ancient Drill 2-H Cons
113 Skullbane Axe 2-H Ref
114 Staff of Xorn 2-H Cons
115 Mountain Hammer 2-H Cons
116 Fueled Falchion 1-H Cons
117 Bloody Axe 1-H Ref
118 Staff of Elements 2-H Ref
119 Skull of Hatred 1-H Cons
120 Staff of Summoning 2-H Ref
121 Orb of Dawn 1-H Perm
122 Orb of Twilight 1-H Perm
123 Ring of Skulls Small Cons Summon a Skeleton
124 Doomed Compass Small Cons
125 Curious Gear Small Cons
126 Remote Spider Small Cons
127 Giant Remote Spider Small Cons
128 Black Censer Small Cons
129 Black Card Small Cons
130 Helix Ring Small Cons
131 Heart of the Betrayer Small Cons
132 Power Core Small Cons
133 Resonant Crystal Small Cons

Class (Solo) Items


# Item name Icon Description
134 Imposing Blade 1-H Perm
135 Focusing Ray 1-H Cons
136 Volatile Elixir Small Cons
137 Silent Stiletto 1-H Perm
138 Stone Charm Head Cons
139 Psychic Knife 1-H Perm
140 Sun Shield 1-H Perm
141 Utility Belt Small ???
142 Phasing Idol Small Cons
143 Smoke Elixir Small Cons
144 Pendant of the Plague Head Ref
145 Mask of Death Head Perm
146 Master's Lute Chest Perm
147 Cloak of the Hunter Chest Perm
148 Doctor's Coat Chest Perm
149 Elemental Boots Legs Ref
150 Staff of Command 2-H Ref