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The Mindthief is a low-health Vermling character class and member of the starting 6.


"Often, city-dwelling Vermlings will flee to the sewers to escape harassment. There, without their pack to connect with, these Vermlings will raise strong bonds with the massive rat population. Communication with such a large number of rat creatures can strain one's mind, though. Where most Vermlings fail, some rise to the challenge and hone powerful psychic abilities to control the swarms. So-called Mindthieves make terrifying opponents through the use of psychic assaults, sharp blades, and swarms of tiny teeth."

Mechanical Themes

The Mindthief has a complex set of mechanics that lead to a multifaceted roles. The Mindthief's primary roles is damage dealing, with a major secondary role of crowd control. She achieves this through the use of ranged debuffs such as stuns, disarms, and immobilizes, plus high single target damage thanks to her main augment: The Mind's Weakness.

Augments are the Mindthief's signature keyworded actions. You may only have one augment in play at any one time. Generally, most augments are considered sub-optimal, due to the incredible strength of the aforementioned "The Mind's Weakness", but creative players may have fun using some of the more unique effects they grant to make more unique builds. Frozen Mind and Phantasmal Killer are two other notable augments that may replace The Mind's Weakness at higher levels, forming two of the more common builds. While it is possible to switch augments, many players find it suboptimal, as it costs abilities to do so, and at higher levels you usually have better attacks to perform on any given turn.

There are several minor mechanical themes on the Mindthief, as well. Ice- and Dark-use back up almost every major build path. "Negative-conditions-matter" cards are also present, allowing payoffs for your crowd control. Summons are a tertiary theme, with very little interaction with the rest of the class, which allow Mindthieves to mitigate damage in a different ways, though their lost card status makes them a divisive subject. Parties including other summon-based characters may enjoy the synergy these cards can bring. Another damage mitigation method is utilizing Invisible actions to redirect the damage away from you.

Overall, the Mindthief can be built a variety of ways, making it one of the most complex members of the Starting 6.


Level Name Init Top Action Bottom Action
1 Submissive Affliction 48 Melee Attack Forced Ranged Attack
Into the Night 14 Loot, Dark Invisible
Fearsome Blade 27 Melee Attack, Push Move, Melee Attack, Loss
Feedback Loop 79 Augment, Shield, Melee Attack Move, Jump, Muddle
Gnawing Horde 82 Melee Summon, Poison, Loss Move
The Mind's Weakness 75 Augment, Special, Melee Attack Melee Attack, Wound
Parasitic Influence 71 Augment, Heal, Melee Attack Forced Move
Scurry 20 Move, Melee Attack Loot, Loss
Perverse Edge 08 Melee Attack, Loss Ranged Attack, Stun, Ice
Empathetic Assault 11 Ranged Attack, Disarm, Ice, Loss Move, Heal
X Withering Claw 77 Augment, Poison, Muddle, Melee Attack Granted Movement
Possession 51 Granted Melee Attack, Loss Granted Movement
Frigid Apparation 29 Melee Attack, Ice, Stun Move, Stun, Loss
2 Wretched Creature 84 Melee Summon, Loss Move, Dark, Curse
Hostile Takeover 09 Ranged Attack, Immobilize, Ice Special, Loss
3 Brain Leech 16 Ranged Attack, Heal, Dark, Loss Melee Attack, Strengthen
Silent Scream 73 Augment, Heal, Melee Attack Move, Push, Ice
4 Pilfer 68 Loot Melee Attack, Move, Loss
Cranium Overload 05 Execute, Special Area Attack, Loss Move
5 Mass Hysteria 12 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Muddle, Ice Special, Persistent, Loss
Frozen Mind 81 Augment, Ice, Stun, Melee Attack Forced Movement
6 Corrupting Embrace 39 Melee Attack, Poison, Muddle Move, Jump, Poison, Dark
Dark Frenzy 10 Melee Attack, Ice, Dark Move, Ranged Attack, Ice
7 Vicious Blood 83 Augment, Retaliate, Melee Attack Move, Melee Attack
Psychic Projection 92 Heal, Shield, Special Special, Loss
8 Shared Nightmare 07 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Dark, Poison, Curse, Ice Move, Ice, Shield
Domination 13 Granted Attack Special, Loss
9 Many as One 91 Melee Summon, Loss Special, Loss
Phantasmal Killer 67 Augment, Dark, Execute, Melee Attack Move, Loot, Invisible, Dark