Mindthief is a character class.

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Level Name Initdd Top Action Bottom Action
1 Into the Night
Gnawing Horde
Fearsome Blade
Submissive Affliction
The Mind's Weakness
Feedback Loopz
Perverse Edgez
Parisitic Influence
Empathetic Assault
X Withering Claw
Frigid Apparition
2 Hostile Takeover
Wretched Creature
3 Brain Leech
3 Silent Scream
4 Cranium Overload
4 Pilfer
5 Frozen Mind
5 Mass Hysteria
6 Corrupting Embrace
6 Dark Frenzy
7 Vicious Blood
7 Psychic Projection
8 Domination
8 Shared Nightmare
9 Masy as One
9 Phantasmal Killer