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As a general rule of thumb, the Gloomhaven Board Game can be played in two modes: campaign and casual.

Campaign mode

The campaign mode is the way the game has been intended to be played. An official party It allows full unlockable content as well as scenario and story progression. In campaign mode, you need to fulfill certain requirements in order to play a scenario and each scenario can only be played once. See the table below for comparison.

Casual mode

The casual mode allows any scenario to be played, no matter the requirements, as long as they have been revealed. When the scenario objective is met, the scenario is successful, but the conclusion and scenario rewards are not obtained.

Random variant

A game rule variant is called the Random Dungeon. It allows to play a randomly generated scenario by drawing from the random dungeon pack. For more details, see Random Dungeon.

Table of comparisons

Game Mechanics Campaign mode Casual mode
Road event drawn and played on the way to scenario. Yes No
Scenario must be revealed (sticker on board map) to play mode. Yes Yes
Party location is modified to reflect the scenario location. Yes No
Scenario requirements must be met for the scenario to be played. Yes No
The Scenario objective determines how the scenario is successful. Yes Yes
The introduction flavor text is read. Yes Yes
A battle goal is drawn and can be completed. Yes Yes
Scenario negative effects and triggers apply. Yes Yes
Money token can be looted and earned. Yes Yes
Scenario treasure tiles can be looted if not previously looted. Yes Yes
Personal Quests progression achieved. Yes Yes
XP earned for ability cards. Yes Yes
Upon success
The scenario conclusion is read. Yes No
The scenario reward is obtained. Yes No
The scenario achievements are gained. Yes No
The scenario unlocks other scenarios. Yes No
Characters receives additional XP for scenario completion. Yes Yes
Characters can access linked scenario right away. Yes No
Returning to Gloomhaven, characters can donate to the Sanctuary. Yes No
Returning to Gloomhaven, characters can play a City Event. Yes No


Questions related to the subject from the official game FAQ.

How are sanctuary donations, road and city events handled when playing scenarios in casual mode? Sanctuary donations and city events can only be done if the last scenario played was in campaign mode. Road events can only be done if the next scenario is being played in campaign mode.

Does playing a scenario in casual mode change the party's location? No. The party remains at their previous location - either at their last campaign mode scenario or Gloomhaven.

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