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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Nightshroud is a medium-health Aesther character and locked class.


"How an Aesther pursues their goals exactly can be as diverse as the infinite planes themselves. Whatever powers brought an end to the Aesther society left some with a particularly strong affinity to planes of pure darkness. With the ability to cloak himself in shadow and pass through the world unseen, the Nightshroud becomes a deadly stalker, using blades and stealth to eliminate any target. Rather than working with other races to gather knowledge, the Nightshroud prefers to pry the knowledge from their cold, dead fingers."

Mechanical Themes

One of the two strongest classes in Gloomhaven to an incredible degree, the Nightshroud excels at eliminating single targets. His metaphorical spear is his executes, allowing him to instantly kill most targets regardless of their health or the scenario difficulty. His metaphorical shield is his invisibility, which combined with clever initiative manipulation, allows the Nightshroud to remain untouchable for almost the entire scenario. With no concerns over enemy shields or HP, and no concerns over enemy damage, the Nightshroud operates nearly entirely independently from the difficulty curve of the game, often rendering even +2 difficulty trivial next to the power of his cards.

That said, the Nightshroud is not without faults. To operate, the Nightshroud desperately requires the Dark element; almost every single major payoff needs it. And for something that the entire class is built around, it is actually relatively difficult to find. Most of the Dark production on the class are on mediocre to sub-par abilities. Where some classes get Move 3s and 4s with their element, the Nightshroud gets Smoke Step's Move 1. Where some classes get Attack 3 Range 3 with a bonus effect and their element, the Nightshroud gets Cloak of Shade's Attack 1. Where many classes have +2 Element modifier cards, the Nightshroud takes two full perks to get a single +1 Dark. This severely limited production eases off at higher levels, but many low level Nightshrouds will find themselves turning to items or enhancements in order to make up for this deficiency.

Another major fault the Nightshroud has is that he is very slow in terms of movement. The Nightshroud often has trouble moving more than 2 hexes per turn. However, like Dark production, the Nightshroud gains access to better moves at higher levels, and low level Nightshrouds will find themselves buying items in order to make up for this issue. A common solution to both problems is to heavily invest in buffing the Move abilities that have attached Dark production via enhancements, solving both problems at once.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Black Knives 44 Ranged Attack, Persistent Track, Loss Melee Attack, Muddle
Cloak of Shade 13 Melee Attack, Dark Move, Dark, Invisible
Empowering Void 21 Melee Attack, Dark, Special Move, Dark, Special
Doomed Breeze 15 Ranged Attack, Muddle, Dark Move, Curse
Enervating Wound 77 Melee Attack, Heal, Dark, Loss Move
Spirit of the Night 84 Melee Attack, Dark, Execute Move, Dark, Loss
Dancing Shadows 09 Move, Melee Attack Special, Dark
Silent Force 91 Melee Attack Move, Loot, Loss
Smoke Step 28 Move, Melee Attack, Dark Move, Dark
X Wings of the Night 24 Melee Attack, Invisible Move, Persistent Track, Loss
Concealed Dominance 35 Melee Area Attack, Dark, Loss Move, Dark, Teleport
Dark Cloud 74 Melee Attack, Curse Muddle, Dark
2 Prepare for the Kill 07 Melee Attack, Dark Move, Dark
Soulfire 85 Ranged Attack, Wound, Stun Melee Attack, Curse, Loss
3 Terror Blade 17 Melee Attack, Push Move, Special
Armor of the Night 23 Melee Attack, Dark, Heal Shield, Dark
4 Nightfall 73 Dark, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Melee Attack, Light, Dark
Grim Sustenance 29 Melee Attack, Invisible Self Loot, Dark
5 Claws of the Night 26 Melee Area Attack, Poison, Any Element, Dark Area Attack, Persistent Track, Loss
Black Arrow 11 Ranged Attack, Muddle, Curse Invisible, Dark, Ranged Attack
6 Unseen Dread 05 Melee Attack, Dark Move, Jump
Swallowed by Fear 90 Melee Attack, Dark, Any Element, Execute Move, Push
7 Eyes of the Night 35 Special, Persistent, Loss Move, Light, Muddle, Dark
Quiet Frenzy 19 Melee Attack, Dark Melee Attack, Move
8 Gloom Darts 78 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Poison, Curse, Dark Move, Dark
Lurking Ruin 18 Melee Attack, Poison, Wound, Muddle Move, Invisible
9 Angel of Death 38 Melee Area Attack, Dark, Execute Move, Jump, Dark, Execute
Voice of the Night 06 Stun, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Melee Attack, Any Element, Invisible, Dark

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