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Template:Infobox RaceOrchids are one of the races of Gloomhaven. The word is pronounced or-kid.

Original Flavor Text

Orchids are an ancient, cave-dwelling race that views the happenings of the world through the perspective that their thousand-year lifetimes allow. At times, they can appear slow and meandering, but when something needs to be done, there is no hesitation. For the Orchids, life is about spending the proper amount of time for thought and reflection, so that the right decision can be made at exactly the right time

Because of this philosophy, an Orchid can often be lost in thought for years, sitting perfectly still in a meditative state where crystals begin to grow on their skin. Though Orchids have little use for vanity, those with prominent crystal growths are shown great respect, as they have spent countless years of their lives reflecting on the proper path. Orchids have no need for physical comforts and draw their sustenance from the earth, so they serve little purpose in society. However, they have been known to appear exactly when a society needs their assistance.[1]

Physiognomy and Appearance

Orchids do not need to sleep or eat. They take their nurishment from the ground's heat emanations. They are of medium sizes, comparable to Humans.

Their body grows crystals as they spend their life meditating and not moving. While there is no hierarchy in the Orchid society, the bigger, more present and longer the crystals, the longer they succefully meditated, attended the World, and come back.

Society and Origins

Along with the Quatryls, the Orchids are the inhabitants of the Eastern Continent, across the Misty Sea. They are more secluded, however, and do not live in civilizations. They have very minimal buildings and structures, not to say interactions.

The Orchids are a meditative race. They have very minimal society and spend most of their lives meditating in caves. After tens or hundreds of years, a Orchid will reach a conclusion of his or her goal in the world; the things s/he needs to do for the betterment of the Society.

After going out of their cave to achieve their identified purposed, they go back to meditation to find another thing to address. And so goes their lives.

The presence of Orchids on the Western Continent and the reasons behind are unknown. The only thing that can be said is that this is very atypical and abnormal of Orchids[2].