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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Plagueherald is a low-health Harrower character and locked class.


"Harrowers may also be shunned because of the reputation of the small sect of Plagueheralds - Harrowers who embrace a world filled with corruption and illness. Either misguided or ignorant of other race's physiology, Plagueheralds believe the spread of disease throughout a society will strengthen it and propel it towards great things. One should be wary of allying with a Plagueherald. Their ability to spread decay and death across both sides of a battlefield is a terrifying thing to behold."

Mechanical Themes

The Plagueherald is an interestingly divided class. It has two very clear themes: Poison, and Curse. However, where most classes are interwoven, the Plagueherald's Poison cards rarely work particularly well for the Curse build, and the Curse cards rarely work well for the Poison build. This results in an odd class where often your future level up choices are more or less decided soon after level 1. However, both builds are quite effective and strong.

In terms of secondary mechanical themes, the Plagueherald's main two are wind use and darkness use, which both builds use to amplify their attacks. The Plagueherald also has a major muddle subtheme that synergizes to great effect with the Curse build. The muddles are often on large area attacks, which when combined with Spread the Plague can be used to become a very effective area attacker. Lastly, the Plagueherald has two bizarre tirtiary themes: Firstly, a tanking minor theme containing several shield effects including one of the few persistent shield effects (Grasping Vermin), and secondly a "poison ally" theme. Both are niche and not recommended as primary builds for standard play, but can be fun to experiment with for experienced players looking for a unique challenge.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Vile Pestilence 61 Ranged Area Attack, Poison Move
Grasping Vermin 69 Ranged Area Attack, Immobilize Shield, Persistent, Loss
Wretched Swarm 84 Ranged Area Attack, Stun, Loss Move
Spread the Plague 27 Special, Poison, Persistent, Loss Ranged Attack
Biting Gnats 47 Multi-target Ranged Attack Move
Winged Congregation 16 Flying, Wind, Persistent, Loss Move, Heal
Creeping Curse 72 Ranged Attack, Curse Move, Curse
Gathering Doom 76 Ranged Attack, Curse Loot, Wind, Loss
Paralyzing Bite 31 Ranged Attack, Stun Move, Jump, Wind, Loss
Foul Wind 35 Special, Wind, Persistent, Loss Loot
Scattered Terror 11 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Pierce, Wind, Loss Special
X Epidemic 43 Multi-target Ranged Attack Poison, Persistent, Loss
Virulent Strain 50 Poison, Special Poison
Blistering Vortex 21 Ranged Area Attack, Wind, Loss Move, Shield
2 Under the Skin 59 Ranged Attack, Pierce Move
Rot Maggots 69 Ranged Attack, Poison Heal
3 Succumb to the Gift 70 Execute, Loss Bless
Fetid Flurry 26 Ranged Attack, Curse Move, Wind
4 Storm of Wings 91 Ranged Area Attack, Wind, Loss Move
Nightmarish Affliction 43 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Poison, Curse Immobilize
5 Accelerated End 62 Multi-target Damage, Dark Poison
Willing Sacrifice 84 Special, Persistent, Loss Special, Wind, Loss
6 Stinging Clouds 66 Ranged Area Attack, Dark, Muddle Move, Shield
Black Tides 37 Ranged Attack, Wind Move, Dark
7 Airborne Toxin 57 Curse, Muddle, Wind Poison, Wind
Baneful Hex 33 Special, Persistent, Loss Move, Curse
8 Spreading Scourge 71 Ranged Area Attack, Muddle Heal
Grim Bargain 46 Curse, Add Target, Persistent Track, Loss Muddle, Special
9 Mass Extinction 94 Curse, Wound, Dark, Wind Multi-target Damage, Wind, Dark
Convert the Flock 29 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Curse, Loss Multi-target Damage, Special

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