This scenario is one of many quests that happens in a plane.

Flavor text (Introduction)

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"Your vision shifts and blurs around you. Nightmarish wailing pierces your ears. You feel your extremities stretching out as if the universe is trying to tear you apart.

And then it stops. You open your eyes to see your feet are on solid ground, but around you whirls strange elemental energies—fire mixing with ice in torrential power. You catch your breath and glance back, relieved to see a void of darkness similar to the one that brought you to this place.

The relief is short-lived, however, as a booming voice fills the crackling air. “Who are you to slay my servants and invade my realm? This affront will not go unpunished!”

Before you, the energies in the air begin to form vague demonic shapes. To go deeper into this unearthly place, you must fight your way through.

Gameplay Details


Kill all enemies.

Monsters met

Personal Quest progression

This quest can be used for the following personal quests :