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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Quartermaster is a high-health Valrath character and locked class.


"Valraths make excellent merchants because of their uncanny business acumen. They are able to quickly take stock of their wares and make snap decisions about how much each item is worth. It is not uncommon, then, for an army or city garrison to employ a Valrath as a Quartermaster. Skilled Quartermasters have also been known to strike off on their own, aiding smaller adventuring parties in maximizing the effectiveness of their equipment. After all, what is a warrior without a good sword at his side?"

Mechanical Themes

The Quartermaster is one of the strongest class in the game, to the degree where many consider it gamebreaking. It does this via a focus on items, often making single-use consumed items used many many times per scenarios with its abilities and modifier cards, as well as Reinforced Steel's ability to refresh spent items every single turn. Combined with the stronger items in the game, and it turns an already strong class into an incredible powerhouse.

On top of that, it has the strongest looting capability of the game. With this, you can gain access to the powerful items that the class loves all the more quickly. The only downside the class faces is in terms of initiative. The Quartermaster often struggles to act when he wants to, given the vast majority of their cards have extremely middling initiatives.

But while the class may be overly strong, that strength allows for creative liberties. With the proper items, the Quartermaster can act as almost any role, providing incredible versatility. From summoning to element use to crowd control to forced movement to healing, the Quartermaster can do it all with the right items. For any role, in any party, the Quartermaster can have the ultimate synergy. All he requires is the proper loadout.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Restock 73 Special, Loss Melee Attack
Oversized Pack 81 Loot Special, Loss
Sharpening Kit 23 Heal Special
Proficiency 62 Special, Persistent, Loss Move
Iron Bulwark 19 Melee Attack, Muddle Shield
Hastened Step 26 Melee Attack, Move Move
Cleaving Axe 52 Melee Area Attack Move
Impaling Spear 48 Melee Area Attack Move
Crippling Blows 44 Ranged Attack Ranged Attack, Immobilize
X Crushing Hammer 17 Melee Attack, Stun, Loss Move, Shield
Scroll of Recall 98 Special Pull
Reserved Energy 88 Special Move
2 Reforge 95 Special Special
Bladed Boomerang 40 Ranged Attack, Wound Move, Melee Attack
3 Continual Supply 86 Special, Persistent, Loss Special, Loss
Scroll of Lightning 77 Ranged Attack, Light Move, Push, Wind
4 Side Pouch 84 Special, Loss Move, Loot
Giant Club 61 Melee Attack Melee Attack, Muddle
5 Reinforced Steel 12 Special, Persistent, Loss Shield
Scroll of Judgment 66 Area Damage, Loss Move, Stun
6 Catastrophic Burn 46 Ranged Area Attack Area Damage
Quiver of Arrows 31 Add Target, Persistent, Loss Move
7 Scroll of Blizzards 46 Ranged Area Attack, Ice Immobilize, Move, Dark
Refreshment 89 Special, Persistent, Loss Special, Loss
8 Portable Ballista 41 Melee Area Attack Special
Fortified Position 10 Heal, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Shield
9 Scroll of Annihilation 56 Execute, Loss Move, Disarm
Bag of Holding 91 Loot Special, Loss

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