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Quatryls are one of the races of Gloomhaven. The word is pronounced kwa-tril.

Original Flavor Text

Because of their diminutive size, Quatryls feel they have a lot to prove. From an early age, they are encouraged to study as much as possible about many different subjects. Though you will find expert Quatryls in any field, they seem to have a particular affinity for engineering and machinery. Their long, delicate fingers allow them to build all manner of intricate contraptions to make life easier and augment their inferior physical strength. Though they are not numerous, Quatryls can easily integrate themselves into any society due to their expertise in critical fields and their charming, graceful demeanor. Only a fool would shun a Quatryl’s offer to help.[1]


The Quatryls come from the Eastern Continent, across from the Misty Sea. Very few things are known from the said continent, except obscure merchant tales who dare travel there for either machinery or crystals. The Continent is also home of the Orchids[2].


Quatryls are a small race, as small as Vermlings. They are petite, with delicate features, very long arms and fingers. This evolution comes mostly from their continual use, over the years, of fine machinery and intricate work. They are often dressed in simple clothes giving them access to the many tools and potions they carry. The most noticeable part of their gear is mostly the power core, in the middle of their chest, to fuel in energy the tools they carry. As machines can be faulty, they often carry many potions, many bombs, and more than one weapon.


Isaac agrees that, while they can be compared to Gnomes in universes like Dungeons and Dragons, the comparison ends with their height and affinity with mechanical tinkering[3]. They are not stubby, their society is not comparable, etc.

These augments and tools are used for any adult Quatryl, be it a builder or a fighter. This is a must as their lack of strength needs to be compensated. Their main fighting force is composed of Tinkerers.

They are a very agreeable race and are generally non-aggressive, which makes them one of the most perfect trade partners.