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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Sawbones is a high-health Human character and locked class.


"Perhaps one of the most respected professions in human society is to serve the Great Oak. Followers of the Oak are religious healers who do their best to ward off the pestilence and death that can manifest in larger human cities. Contrary to popular belief, however, their is nothing miraculous about their healing methods, as anyone who has come to them with a gangrenous leg knows all too well. The mystique of the profession can get lost among the screams when the Sawbones has to hack off a limb."

Mechanical Themes

The Sawbones is a mix of two different playstyles: Support and Crowd Control. When one looks at Sawbones, the first build evident is the support build, because of his unique Medical Pack mechanic, which allows him to gift other players temporary cards which can be used once for either basic actions or Heal actions, plus the plethora of other healing options.

But Sawbones has much more potential than just that. Through his stuns and disarms plus the bottom of Hold Back the Pain, the Sawbones can be a very strong crowd control character while dishing out serious damage. At higher levels, a Sawbones player may use jump boots or a jump enhancement to move into a group of enemies at a late initiative, then proceed to keep them out of the fight for multiple rounds using Prevention is Key, HBTP with Gentleman's Anger, and Grisly Trauma.

Other subthemes include a "negative conditions matter" theme, of which the most important card is Euthanize. With it plus other cards like Syringe, Amputate, and Grisly Trauma, you can fairly easily kill at least 1 normal enemy per deck cycle.

The last theme of note is the most problematic in terms of game balance; a granted permanent defensive buff subtheme through the cards Booster Shot, Regenerative Tissue, Vaccine, and Research the Cure. Booster Shot plus RtC can render a tank all but invincible, granting it an insane shield 2, and unlike all other passives, it isn't lost when the (now much lower stamina) Sawbones exhausts, as they are considered to be the owner of the card for that scenario. With Sawbones powerful support behind a good tank, it can trivialize entire scenarios.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
M Medical Pack 50 Heal, Special Heal, Special
Large Medical Pack 50 Heal, Special Heal, Special
1 First Aid 08 Medical Pack Move
Hand of the Surgeon 62 Melee Attack Special
Hold Back the Pain 57 Heal Special
Booster Shot 42 Heal Shield, Persistent, Loss
Bloody Saw 25 Melee Attack, Wound Loot
Curative Mixture 19 Heal, Special Move, Special
Syringe 15 Shield Melee Attack, Poison, Stun
Battlefield Medicine 83 Medical Pack, Loss Special
Triage 53 Heal, Persistent Track, Loss Move
Mobile Response 12 Special, Persistent, Loss Move, Wound, Loss
X Prevention is Key 13 Disarm Shield
Teamwork 89 Special, Loss Granted Movement, Move
Vaccine 44 Ranged Area Attack, Poison Special, Persistent, Loss
2 Hamstring 62 Melee Attack, Immobilize Move, Immobilize
Precaution 09 Shield Medical Pack
3 Regenerative Tissue 46 Heal Heal, Persistent, Loss
Vital Strike 38 Melee Attack, Loss Move
4 Blood Transfusion 52 Heal Melee Attack, Heal
Do No Harm 76 Execute, Disarm, Immobilize, Loss Move, Heal
5 Research the Cure 40 Melee Attack, Special Shield, Persistent, Loss
Amputate 86 Melee Attack, Wound, Immobilize Heal, Stun
6 Euthanize 27 Execute Melee Attack, Stun, Poison, Wound
Prescription 06 Medical Pack Medical Pack, Loss
7 Master Physician 49 Special, Persistent Track, Loss Special
Surgeon's Satchel 10 Loot, Heal Move, Medical Pack
8 Bedside Manner 05 Heal, Special, Medical Pack, Loss Move, Special
Gentleman's Anger 29 Melee Attack, Disarm Ranged Attack
9 Prep for Surgery 22 Special, Persistent, Loss Move, Stun
Grisly Trauma 81 Execute Move, Poison, Wound, Muddle

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