Gloomhaven Wiki
Scenarios in the Main Game (95)
Scenario Number Scenario Name Map Location Links Requirements
1 Black Barrow G-10 Barrow Lair - #2 None
2 Barrow Lair G-11 Black Barrow - #1 First Steps (Party) COMPLETE
3 Inox Encampment G-3 None The Merchant Flees (Global) INCOMPLETE
4 Crypt of the Damned E-11 None None
5 Ruinous Crypt D-6 Plane of Elemental Power - #10 None
6 Decaying Crypt F-10 None None
7 Vibrant Grotto C-12 None The Power of Enhancement (Global) and The Merchant Flees (Global) COMPLETE
8 Gloomhaven Warehouse C-18 Gloomhaven (City) Jekserah’s Plans (Party) COMPLETE and The Dead Invade (Global) INCOMPLETE
9 Diamond Mine L-2 None The Merchant Flees (Global) INCOMPLETE
10 Plane of Elemental Power C-7 Ruinous Crypt - #5, Infernal Throne - #21 The Rift Neutralized (Global) INCOMPLETE
11 Gloomhaven Square A B-16 Gloomhaven (City) End of the Invasion (Global) INCOMPLETE
12 Gloomhaven Square B B-16 Gloomhaven (City) End of the Invasion (Global) INCOMPLETE
13 Temple of the Seer N-3 None None
14 Frozen Hollow C-10 None None
15 Shrine of Strength B-11 None None
16 Mountain Pass B-6 Echo Chamber - #24 None
17 Lost Island K-17 Gloomhaven (City) None
18 Abandoned Sewers C-14 Gloomhaven (City) None
19 Forgotten Crypt M-7 None The Power of Enhancement (Global) COMPLETE
20 Necromancer's Sanctum H-13 None The Merchant Flees (Global) COMPLETE
21 Infernal Throne C-7 Plane of Elemental Power - #10 The Rift Neutralized (Global) INCOMPLETE
22 Temple of the Elements K-8 None A Demon’s Errand (Party) or Following Clues (Party) COMPLETE
23 Deep Ruins C-15 Gloomhaven (City) None
24 Echo Chamber C-6 Mountain Pass - #16 None
25 Icecrag Ascent A-5 Scorched Summit - #34 None
26 Ancient Cistern D-15 Gloomhaven (City) Water-Breathing (Global) or Through the Ruins (Party) COMPLETE
27 Ruinous Rift E-6 None Artifact: Lost INCOMPLETE (Global) and Stonebreaker’s Censer (Party) COMPLETE
28 Outer Ritual Chamber E-4 Sanctuary of Gloom - #29 Dark Bounty (Party) COMPLETE
29 Sanctuary of Gloom E-3 Outer Ritual Chamber - #28 An Invitation (Party) COMPLETE
30 Shrine of the Depths N-15 None The Voice’s Command (Party)
31 Plane of Night A-16 Gloomhaven (City) The Power of Enhancement (Global) and Artifact: Recovered (Global) COMPLETE
32 Decrepit Wood L-11 None The Voice’s Command (Party) COMPLETE
33 Savvas Armory A-7 None The Voice’s Command (Party) or The Drake’s Command (Party) COMPLETE
34 Scorched Summit A-4 Icecrag Ascent - #25 The Drake’s Command (Party) COMPLETE and The Drake Aided (Global) INCOMPLETE
35 Gloomhaven Battlements A A-14 Gloomhaven (City) A Demon’s Errand (Party) COMPLETE and The Rift Neutralized (Global) INCOMPLETE
37 Doom Trench G-18 Gloomhaven (City) Water-Breathing (Global) COMPLETE
38 Slave Pens G-2 Tribal Assault - #44 None
39 Treacherous Divide B-11 Nightmare Peak - #46 None
40 Ancient Defense Network F-12 Timeworn Tomb - #41 The Voice’s Command (Party) and The Voice’s Treasure (Party) COMPLETE
41 Timeworn Tomb F-13 Ancient Defense Network - #40 The Voice’s Command (Party) COMPLETE
42 Realm of the Voice C-5 None The Scepter and the Voice (Party) COMPLETE and The Voice Freed (Global) INCOMPLETE
43 Drake Nest D-4 None The Power of Enhancement (Global) COMPLETE
44 Tribal Assault F-3 Slave Pens - #38 Redthorn’s Aid (Party) COMPLETE
45 Rebel Swamp M-9 None City Rule: Demonic (Global) COMPLETE
46 Nightmare Peak A-11 Treacherous Divide - #39 Across the Divide (Party) COMPLETE
47 Lair of the Unseeing Eye H-18 Gloomhaven (City) Through the Trench (Party) COMPLETE
48 Shadow Weald E-1 None Redthorn’s Aid (Party) COMPLETE
49 Rebel's Stand N-7 None City Rule: Demonic (Global) COMPLETE
50 Ghost Fortress C-17 Gloomhaven (City) City Rule: Demonic (Global) COMPLETE and Annihilation of Order (Global) INCOMPLETE
51 The Void A-15 Gloomhaven (City) End of Corruption (Global) x3 COMPLETE
52 Noxious Cellar D-14 Gloomhaven (City) “Seeker of Xorn” personal quest
53 Crypt Basement F-11 None “Seeker of Xorn” personal quest
54 Palace of Ice D-8 None “Seeker of Xorn” personal quest, “Staff of Xorn” item equipped
55 Foggy Thicket G-5 Bandit's Wood - #56 “Take Back the Trees” personal quest
56 Bandit's Wood G-4 Foggy Thicket - #55 “Take Back the Trees” personal quest
57 Investigation D-14 Gloomhaven (City) “Vengeance” personal quest
58 Bloody Shack E-15 Gloomhaven (City) “Vengeance” personal quest
59 Forgotten Grove F-1 None “Finding the Cure” personal quest
60 Alchemy Lab B-15 Gloomhaven (City) “Finding the Cure” personal quest
61 Fading Lighthouse N-11 Pit of Souls - #62 “The Fall of Man” personal quest
62 Pit of Souls O-11 Fading Lighthouse - #61 “The Fall of Man” personal quest
63 Magma Pit M-1 None None