The Scoundrel is a medium-health Human character class and member of the starting 6.


"It is natural then, that while many humans work to build up complex and constricting bureaucratic societies, there are others who reject such societies or even work to tear them down. Scoundrels are among this second type, wholly unscrupulous and self-serving. Scoundrels operate under the assumption that everything in the world is theirs to take and they will do whatever is necessary to do the taking. Such an attitude manifests itself in combat through a viscous opportunism unseen in any other culture."

Mechanical Themes

The Scoundrel is a fairly simple class with a single core mechanical theme which is "flanking", in which the class gains benefits when targeting enemies that the Scoundrel's allies are also adjacent to. With this, a Scoundrel can do extremely high damage through teamwork.

The Scoundrel also has a lot of supporting mechanical themes. The most evident is the use of Poison abilities, with several abilities that benefit from them. Another supporting theme is "isolating" in which the Scoundrel singles out an enemy that isn't adjacent to any other of that enemy's allies for increased power. In addition to those two, the Scoundrel makes use of Invisible actions and incredibly optimal initiatives to avoid enemy attacks, opting to avoid and redirect attacks rather than prevent or mitigate them. She also possesses a very minor supporting theme regarding dark element usage.


Level Name Init Top Action Bottom Action
1 Single Out 86 Melee Attack Special, Persistent Track, Loss
Flanking Strike 04 Melee Attack Move
Smoke Bomb 12 Invisible, Special, Dark, Loss Pull
Backstab 06 Melee Attack, Loss Move
Thief's Knack 23 Special Melee Attack
Venom Shiv 60 Attack, Poison Move
Throwing Knives 10 Multi-target Ranged Attack Loot, Loss
Quick Hands 64 Move, Melee Attack Loot
Special Mixture 33 Heal Move, Poison
X Sinister Opportunity 93 Melee Attack, Dark Move, Forced Movement
Trickster's Reversal 09 Melee Attack, Loss Special
Swift Bow 36 Ranged Attack Move, Loot
2 Open Wound 11 Melee Attack, Wound Move
Flintlock 90 Loot Ranged Attack, Loss
3 Hidden Daggers 85 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Loss Invisible
Duelist's Advance 16 Move, Melee Attack Special
4 Flurry of Blades 03 Multi-target Ranged Attack Move, Special
Gruesome Advantage 62 Melee Attack, Loss Move
5 Cull the Weak 16 Melee Attack Special, Persistent Track, Loss
Visage of the Inevitable 88 Execute Move, Poison
6 Crippling Poison 30 Special, Persistent, Loss Attack, Poison, Immobilize
Burning Oil 95 Ranged Attack, Wound, Fire Loot
7 Stick to the Shadows 26 Melee Attack, Dark Move, Invisible
Spring the Trap 13 Special Special, Persistent Track, Loss
8 Stiletto Storm 80 Multi-target Ranged Attack Move, Retaliate
Pain's End 38 Heal, Loss Move, Execute
9 Long Con 02 Melee Area Attack, Disarm Special, Loss
Watch it Burn 98 Special, Poison, Wound, Persistent, Loss Move, Wound
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