Flavor text (Introduction)

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"Nestled in a high valley deep in the Copperneck Mountains, this shrine is not easily found or accessible, but luckily, you know the way.

The shrine lies on the edge of a giant frozen lake surrounded by ancient, towering trees. Adorning the structure’s stone face are innumerable symbols of power and strength,
but you cannot determine whether the shrine was dedicated to some specific entity or simply to the general concept of strength.

You enter through the large stone doors, hoping to find something within that increases your own power. As you walk along the entryway, you see a number of runic inscriptions carved into the walls. They are hard to make out, but you believe they profess an ideology of “Strength begets strength.” In order to increase one’s own strength, one must first demonstrate strength.

You open the next set of doors and come face-to-face with that ideology in practice. A powerful Savvas materializes in front of you and wordlessly begins to channel a destructive force in your direction. You will need to prove yourself to get at whatever is in this temple."

Gameplay Details


Loot the goal treasure tile(s).

Monsters met

Personal Quest progression

This quest can be used for the following personal quests :