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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Soothsinger is a low-health Quatryl character and locked class.


"The talents of a Quatryl can extend beyond the realms of machinery and alchemy. Their spider-like fingers also facilitate astonishing capabilities with stringed instruments, given the proper training. Combining this with their very distinctive vocal talents makes Quatryls the most sought after bards in the land. Their talents can go beyond merely entertaining wealthy nobles, however. Self-described 'Soothsingers' have been known to empower their allies to great feats and bring their enemies low with a single strum of their lute and the proper note in their voice."

Mechanical Themes

The Soothsinger is the ultimate support class. Her signature mechanic is "Songs", of which she can be playing only one at any single point in time. They work similarly to the Mindthief augments, except that rather than modifying your attacks, they modify various allies' abilities or grant other strong global effects. These work regardless of range or line of sight, meaning a Soothsinger doesn't have to be anywhere near allies for them to benefit from this.

As secondary themes, the Soothsinger has some incredibly strong crowd control abilities, being one of the best classes at Stunning and Disarming. On top of that, she excels at Cursing, to an almost unparalled degree, due to Disorienting Dirge. With 10 curses in the enemy deck, the Soothsinger can cause more than 60% of all enemy attacks to be negated, with that number only increasing as the deck gets thinned due to non-curse cards being drawn.

The tirtiary themes showing up on a few select cards are "granted movement" and "forced movement". Another odd unique feature of the Soothsinger is her frankly ludicrous rate of accumulating experience points. Every turn she has a song active, she gains a point, but not only that; the bottom of every card with a song also has XP, meaning she can often gain 2XP a round without meeting any conditions or playing any losses. As such, it's not uncommon to see a Soothsinger accumulate nearly 30XP in a scenario.

Generally speaking, most of her abilities are all best for larger parties, with the Soothsinger struggling somewhat in smaller parties. In 2 player parties, many Soothsingers find themselves taking unconventional builds to make up for the weakened support cards and lack of offensive power. The Soothsinger makes up for this with an incredibly potent modifier deck, allowing even basic attacks to do significant damage.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Power Ballad 19 Song, Special Move, Strengthen
Defensive Ditty 09 Song, Shield Special
Song of Speed 05 Song, Special Muddle
Tuning the Outcome 78 Bless Move, Curse
Call to Action 85 Strengthen Granted Attack
Warding Dagger 56 Melee Attack, Immobilize Move, Shield, Loss
Throw Voice 44 Disarm Forced Movement, Loss
Singing Arrow 89 Curse Ranged Attack, Wound
Marching Beat 32 Granted Movement Move
X Wistful Wounding 16 Song, Wound Ranged Attack, Loot
Unending Chant 51 Curse, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Shield
Nimble Knife 27 Melee Attack, Curse, Bless Move
2 Soothing Lullaby 11 Song, Heal Heal
Change Tempo 91 Immobilize Move
3 Echoing Aria 08 Song, Retaliate Shield
Crippling Chorus 62 Stun, Loss Move, Disarm
4 Disorienting Dirge 14 Song, Special Curse, Bless
Inspiring Anthem 50 Granted Movement Granted Attack
5 Melody and Harmony 78 Special, Persistent, Loss Move, Ranged Attack
Mobilizing Measure 06 Song, Granted Movement Move
6 Pull the Strings 20 Song, Forced Movement Forced Attack
Provoke Terror 60 Stun Ranged Attack, Push
7 Nightmare Serenade 13 Song, Curse Ranged Area Attack, Curse
Booming Proclaimation 65 Ranged Area Attack, Push Granted Attack, Loss
8 Tranquil Trill 10 Song, Heal Disarm
Commanding Presence 59 Granted Attack Forced Movement, Loss
9 Captivating Performance 25 Song, Special Stun
Shadow Puppets 52 Move, Jump, Forced Attack Granted Attack

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