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The Spellweaver is a low-health Orchid character class and member of the Starting 6.


"Through deep meditation, some Orchids arrive at the conclusion that proper action requires not only thought and discussion, but also force. There are many physical threats to the Orchid society, and some are called to join the ancient order of Spellweavers - Orchid sages who are able to draw forth powerful natural forces and craft them into concentrated attacks. Some Spellweavers choose to remain with their society to act as guards against outside threats, but others choose to travel the world, destroying these threats wherever they find them."

Mechanical Themes

The Spellweaver is mainly focused on dealing damage to multiple enemies through the use of the element system. She primarily focuses on fire and ice, with a significant number of earth and wind element cards. While present, dark and light are relegated to a tirtiary theme.

The Spellweaver's main unique mechanic comes from Reviving Ether, which enables her to recover all her lost cards, almost doubling her otherwise low stamina. This results in a unique stamina setup in which losses have a much lower cost, allowing her to freely use them on a regular bases. A spellweaver is expected to play around 1 loss per rest, which is far beyond the standard for other classes.

At level 1, the spellweaver is in a unique situation in which she has no non-loss access to elements, meaning you must play losses in order to get the payoffs for them. At higher levels, she gains access to other sources of the elements, so she no longer has to play losses. Combined with the incredibly potent effects of Cold Fire at level 3, and many Spellweaver's drastically reduce the number of losses they play, instead opting to repeatedly use Cold Fire with their massive stamina to keep large numbers of enemies stunned on a regular basis. Another transformational card is Inferno, which is one of the strongest cards in the entire game. At that point, Spellweaver is able to easily solo entire four-player scenarios with the correct items.

The Spellweaver has a lot of questionable secondary and tirtiary themes. The existence of Cold Fire puts such a strong focus on Ice and Fire that Wind and Earth often see little to no use, but on top of that, Wind typically focuses on movement (which Spellweaver has little need for, given her ranged nature) and Earth focuses on melee effects (which Spellweaver actively wants to avoid being in the position to use due to her HP). Meanwhile, the Spellweaver has a plethora of retaliate and shield abilities, which, again, are difficult to make work with her low health. This results in a lot of cards seeing very little use outside of extremely unique party compositions or in the hands of very creative players.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Fire Orbs 69 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Fire, Loss Move
Impaling Eruption 70 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Earth, Loss Move
Reviving Ether 80 Special, Dark, Loss Move, Jump
Freezing Nova 21 Melee Area Attack, Immobilize, Ice Heal, Light, Loss
Mana Bolt 07 Ranged Attack, Any Element Heal
Frost Armor 20 Ranged Attack, Any Element Special, Ice, Persistent Track, Loss
Flame Strike 36 Ranged Attack, Fire Ranged Attack
Ride the Wind 83 Loot Move, Jump, Wind, Loss
X Crackling Air 25 Special, Wind, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Fire, Retaliate
Hardened Spikes 26 Retaliate, Earth Move, Ice, Shield
Aid from the Ether 91 Heal Ranged Summon, Loss
2 Flashing Burst 26 Ranged Attack, Light Move
Ice Blast 66 Ranged Area Attack, Muddle, Ice, Loss Heal, Loss
3 Cold Fire 67 Ranged Area Attack, Fire, Ice, Stun Loot, Loss
Elemental Aid 84 Heal, Earth Shield, Wind
4 Spirit of Doom 81 Curse, Dark, Execute, Loss Heal, Light, Loss
Forked Beam 20 Multi-target Ranged Attack Move
5 Chromatic Explosion 71 Ranged Area Attack, Wind, Ice, Fire, Earth, Light, Dark, Loss Move, Any Element
Engulfed in Flames 44 Ranged Attack, Fire Retaliate, Persistent Track, Loss
6 Living Torch 96 Ranged Attack, Immobilize, Light, Area Damage Ranged Summon, Fire, Loss
Frozen Night 46 Melee Area Attack, Ice, Loss Move, Dark, Invisible
7 Twin Restoration 75 Special, Loss Heal
Stone Fists 62 Multi-target Melee Attack, Push, Immobilize, Earth, Loss Move, Shield, Earth
8 Zephyr Wings 85 Loot, Wind Move, Jump, Wind, Loss
Cold Front 61 Ranged Area Attack, Ice, Loss Special, Retaliate, Persistent Track, Loss
9 Black Hole 41 Ranged Area Attack, Dark, Execute Pull
Inferno 19 Special Area Attack, Fire Retaliate

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