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This page contains lore related to the Gloomhaven universe, including information that can or should be unveiled during the original campaign mode of the Gloomhaven boardgame and that could not be collapsed for editing purposes. Readers beware.

The Sunkeeper is a high-health Valrath character and locked class.


"Perhaps the most prideful of the Valraths can be found in the sect of Sunkeepers - those who have been trained to tap into long-dormant demonic powers and harness them for the purpose of righteousness. A Sunkeeper goes beyond merely foresaking her heritage and instead uses it to uplift society - healing others and rebuking evil forces. They often travel the world, seeking out situations where they can demonstrate their brilliant powers."

Mechanical Themes

The Sunkeeper is the tank of Gloomhaven. While many other classes can tank effectively, Sunkeeper can absorb massive amounts of damage. This is due to a single enhancement option: Adding +1 Shield to her passive Shield seen on Defensive Stance. With that enhancement, the Sunkeeper is able to survive incredible amounts of damage, becoming incredibly strong, especially at lower levels before the enemy attacks get stronger.

That's not to say that the Sunkeeper is incapable of offense, however; to the contrary she's quite strong in terms of single target damage, to the degree where she can perform attacks as strong as the Scoundrel, and with higher consistency. If there is one place the Sunkeeper falls short, however, it's movement. Her movement is already mostly on cards that attack, and with Defensive Stance in play, your basic actions are no longer useful to keep up. This results in gameplay where you often have to forego attacking in order to keep up with the enemies.

And as you might guess, the Sunkeeper is also specialized in Light effects. Almost every build has one or more key cards that need light to use to maximum effect. Some more supporting mechanics are... well, Sunkeeper's support mechanics, such as her healing and card recovery effects. The heals can often be used on the Sunkeeper herself to support the tank build as well.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Purifying Aura 21 Retaliate, Persistent Track, Loss Strengthen, Light
Cautious Advance 23 Shield Move
Brilliant Prayer 27 Special, Loss Heal, Light, Loss
Empowering Command 32 Special Granted Attack
Protective Blessing 61 Bless, Strengthen Special, Light, Loss
Dazzling Charge 57 Heal, Light Move, Stun, Light, Loss
Tactical Order 29 Granted Movement Move
Holy Strike 85 Melee Attack, Stun Ranged Attack, Light, Loss
Hammer Blow 55 Melee Attack, Light Move
Defensive Stance 65 Melee Attack, Light Shield, Persistent, Loss
Lay on Hands 90 Heal, Light, Loss Loot
X Daybreak 85 Melee Attack, Muddle, Dark, Light Move, Bless
Beacon of Light 36 Heal Light, Persistent Track, Loss
Glorious Bolt 39 Heal, Light, Loss Ranged Attack, Muddle
2 Practical Plans 56 Melee Attack Move
Unwavering Mandate 72 Special, Loss Heal, Light
3 Burning Flash 51 Melee Area Attack, Light, Loss Heal, Any Element, Light
Mobilizing Axiom 23 Melee Attack, Light Granted Movement, Loss
4 Righteous Strength 18 Bless Move, Shield
Engulfing Radiance 20 Heal, Light, Loss Special, Light, Loss
5 Path of Glory 48 Melee Attack, Light Move, Bless, Loss
Scales of Justice 68 Retaliate, Persistent, Loss Move, Light, Stun
6 Supportive Chant 11 Special Special
Illuminate the Target 91 Melee Attack, Strengthen Granted Attack
7 Weapon of Purity 73 Special, Light, Loss Move, Melee Attack
Bright Aegis 14 Shield, Retaliate, Light Special, Light, Loss
8 Cleansing Force 25 Melee Attack, Stun, Wound, Loss Move, Light
Inspiring Sanctity 79 Granted Attack, Light, Execute, Loss Granted Attack, Loss
9 Angelic Ascension 87 Special, Wound, Persistent Track, Loss Move, Jump
Divine Intervention 09 Special, Persistent, Loss Shield, Light

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