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This article is for the Gloomhaven campaign board game basic class. For the adviser in Founders of Gloomhaven, see Tinkerer.

The Tinkerer is a medium-health Quatryl character class and member of the Starting 6.


"The Tinkerer is a fairly common class of Quatryl to be found in a large city. They are experts in crafting all manner of gadgets and elixirs, and they typically make a living selling them to those wishing to indulge in the convenience these creations offer. There are more adventurous Tinkerers, however, who travel beyond a city's walls, using all the tools at their disposal to brave the wilds in attempts to uncover ancient curiosities that may give insight into their research."

Mechanical Themes

The Tinkerer is primarily a support character based around healing. This often leads to him being weaker in smaller parties or when paired with lower health allies. However, to make up for that deficiency, the Tinkerer receives a 12 card hand size, allowing him to freely play large area attacks, often paired with crowd control effects such as immobilize, muddle, or stun.

The Tinkerer also has very limited access to Ice element usage as well as a small number of summons. Another tirtiary theme is traps, though the Tinkerer often struggles to make effective use of them, given he can only place them adjacent.


Level Name Init Top Effect Types Bottom Effect Types
1 Proximity Mine 62 Trap, Loss Move
Harmless Contraption 74 Summon, Loss Heal
Flamethrower 47 Melee Area Attack, Wound, Fire, Loss Shield
Hook Gun 72 Ranged Attack, Pull Loot, Loss
Ink Bomb 74 Ranged Area Attack, Dark, Loss Move
Net Shooter 19 Ranged Area Attack, Immobilize, Loss Immobilize, Move
Stun Shot 20 Ranged Attack, Stun Move
Reinvigorating Elixir 37 Heal Special, Loss
Restorative Mist 17 Heal Move, Heal
Energizing Tonic 16 Heal, Loss Move, Loss
Enhancement Field 61 Ranged Attack Special
Toxic Bolt 18 Ranged Attack, Poison, Earth Ranged Attack, Loss
X Reviving Shock 34 Multi-target Ranged Attack Heal, Loss
Volatile Contraption 76 Trap, Poison Special, Ice
Potent Potables 46 Special, Persistent Track, Loss Move
2 Stamina Booster 48 Heal Special, Loss
Disorienting Flash 73 Multi-target Ranged Attack, Stun, Loss Muddle, Move
3 Tinkerer's Tools 26 Special Trap, Stun
Crank Bow 66 Ranged Attack, Loss Move
4 Dangerous Contraption 84 Melee Summon, Loss Move
Micro Bots 22 Heal, Loss Move, Loot, Loss
5 Noxious Vials 75 Special Ranged Area Attack, Poison, Loss
Disintegration Beam 36 Execute, Loss Move, Disarm
6 Gas Canister 71 Trap, Muddle Special, Persistent Track, Loss
Auto Turret 34 Attack, Persistent Track, Loss Heal
7 Murderous Contraption 94 Melee Summon, Loss Ranged Attack
Curative Aerosol 21 Move, Heal Heal, Loss
8 Jet Propulsion 38 Granted Movement Move, Jump, Loss
Harsh Stimulants 27 Melee Attack, Loss Special
9 Lethal Injection 85 Execute Move, Poison
Chimeric Formula 43 Special Special, Loss

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