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Valraths are one of the races of Gloomhaven.[1]

Original Flavor Text

Though a Valrath’s demon-like qualities – reddish skin, pointed ears and nose, claws, horns and a long, spade-tipped tail – make it feared by many, Valraths are actually, for the most part, well-mannered and gentle, preferring to solve problems through diplomacy rather than violence.

Valraths pride themselves on being able to integrate themselves peacefully into human society, often becoming wealthy merchants or influential politicians. They prefer to live lavish lifestyles and wear extravagant clothing, as it helps to impress those they do dealings with.

Valraths, however, do not shy away from baser violent instincts when backed into a corner. They come from a dark and bloody heritage of genocide and warfare, and, as they have become more civilized, have simply made concerted efforts to put their past behind them. These efforts are in everyone’s best interest, as the last thing anyone wants to see is a Valrath in the midst of a blood rage.[2]

Physiognomy and Appearance

The Valraths look like demons, in a western culture sense. They have red skin, pointed ears, horns, and a spiked tail. They are comparable, in build and size, to Humans.

Society and Origins

Valraths are actually the predominant race on the Gloomhaven continent, originally from the Southern desert area[3]. They are peaceful, diplomatic and proud. They are bigger men compared to humans, most of the time.