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Template:Infobox RaceVermlings are one of the Races of Gloomhaven. [1]

Original Flavor Text

Vermlings are a scavenging, animalistic race. They feed off the flesh of the dead, and when they can’t find any of that, they are more than happy to do the killing themselves. Though primitive, they typically hunt with crude knives and bows. They are small and weak-willed, so can be controlled by more powerful races with the right combination of food and fear. Left to their own devices, Vermlings form hunting packs and spend their short lives fulfilling basic needs.

Some Vermlings do make their way into human society, though they are largely shunned and feared in such settings, forced to live in dark alleys and feed off of scraps.[2]

Physiognomy and Appearance

Vermlings are very small furry people, akin to beasts. They are the less humanoid as one can imagine, looking (and thinking) more like beasts. They have genders and reproduce in a sexual manner.

Society and Origins

Along with the Inox, the Vermlings are one of the native people of the area surrounding Gloomhaven. They used to inhabit the whole region but were pushed back by the humans. They now live in the untamed areas of the continent where the Humans are less interested in seizing.

The Vermlings live in the wild in tribes and remain barbaric, not to say animalistic. Most of their life is filled with the hunt for basic needs, i.e. feed, survive, etc. They often amass large numbers to raid Gloomhaven. They are not a liked race and most people will simply kill them on sight. That is why they learn to stealth arts and hide themselves out most of the times.

They often raid each other, as well, in tribe wars. They are not known to their friendliness, even towards each other.

Intelligent beings

The most intelligent members of the Vermling race have established themselves in the sewers of Gloomhaven, a very vast and labyrinthian area. Trying to survive by talking to and leading rats, they developed, on top of an affinity, their mental prowess which lead to mental control of rats, and finally humanoids. Only the most intelligent Vermlings become mindthieves.

The Underground society remains as barbaric and animalistic has their wild counterpart in their behavior, however.

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