Vibrant Grotto is one of the possible ends to Jekserah's storyline.

Flavor text (Introduction)

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"You gingerly step into the entryway of the Crooked Bone, careful to avoid the broken glass, nails, and other treacherous things. You glance around the room and see nothing but the usual detritus. Before you can call out to Hail, though, an explosion from an upper room violently shakes the entire building.

“Damn it all to the abyss!” Hail’s disembodied voice yells out. “I set up my work in the most out-of-the-way, uninviting, decrepit little hovel, and grand idiots still manage to stumble in and disrupt my research.”

The translucent woman suddenly appears before. “You do know that your mere presence in this building changes the flow of the ether, causing unanticipated currents that produce catastrophic consequences, right? I mean, how could you not know that?”

Hail closes her eyes and begins to take deep breaths, fading a little out of view with each exhale. “Yes, I did agree to help you. I had hoped the memory was a nightmare of some kind, but it wasn’t, so that can’t be helped now. The least you can do in return, however, is to warn me before you cross the threshold."

She gives you an icy stare. “So what do you want, anyway? Let’s make this quick.” You explain to her the situation with Jekserah and the need to locate where she is hiding.

“Ah, a simple scrying matter? Well then, we are in luck,” Hail begins. “Or rather, I’m in luck. The main component I would need for such a task is biteroot, and I ran out of it just last week. I was going to gather more, but now I can just send you out to get it instead.

“Everyone wins! Except those infernal forest imps who terrorize my usual gathering spot. I hope quite a few of them will end up dead."

A small map drops in your hand, and, with a wave of Hail’s arms, a sudden, powerful force pushes you out the door. “Remember: ring the bell when you come back and wait [for] forty- seven seconds before entering the door!”

You are able to follow the map to a network of small caves just north of the Dagger Forest. The place is teeming with life: lush, massive plants, as well as a number of hostile animals and imps. You prepare for their attack.

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Loot all Treasure Tiles

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